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True North is an immersive, transformational program for individuals seeking clarity and direction in their lives.


Each intake consists of a small group, personally guided by both Leslie and Shaun over a 6-week period, ensuring an in-depth, intimate and tailored experience from the moment you embark on this journey of self-improvement and empowerment.


Throughout the program, you will be guided through a number of concepts, modalities and frameworks, from which you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what is important to you.


You will also receive individual insights, along with practical tools which you can use to gain individual clarity, so that you can go forth and design your own unique path in life - one that is aligned to your true values.

Discovering True North is to move through the noise and busy nature of modern life, and come to an understanding of what is truly important, and of value to you.

It is to honour the things that fill your heart with joy and elation, and to live a life that is in alignment with what your heart truly yearns for.

Discovering True North is about working out what is best for you. To make your own choices, to feel proud of your choices and of the direction in which you're travelling.

To write your own script, as you acquire useful tools and learn the skills to help yourself, in order to build your own identity.

If our philosophy or any of this message resonates with you, we urge you to apply for our next intake.


  • 6-week structured, immersive program.


  • 90-min live interactive sessions each week.

  • All sessions personally led in real time by your guides, Leslie and Shaun.


  • Intra-session exercises and reviews with your guides.

  • One-on-one coaching sessions during program.


  • Digital content and tools provided from each session, for you to keep forever.​​

  • Open floor question-time in each session.

  • Access to The True North Private Facebook Support Group, attended to daily by your guides.

  • Leather-bound journal (delivered prior to commencement).



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Founder, Finding Space

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Leslie had lived most of his life following a conventional path, all the while sensing that there was something more to life. However, he never felt the courage to come face-to-face with these questions, and spent many years ignoring them, seeking escape through external distractions and substance abuse.

In 2013, at the age of 28, a sudden diagnosis thrust him into a 7-month long battle with cancer. It wasn't clear at the time, but this experience proved to be a blessing in disguise, and a catalyst that laid the foundation of a path to self-discovery that he continues to walk to this day.

Since then, he decided to leave his highly successful corporate career of twelve years and founded Finding Space: a platform of self expression, deep exploration, and discovery, using the tools of meditation, mentorship, and rhetoric.​


  • Entrepreneur and founder of Finding Space

  • Meditation teacher, guide, and workshop facilitator

  • Mentorship Program creator and facilitator

  • Online Meditation Program creator, facilitator, and administrator

  • Co-host of the Hustle & Flow Podcast

  • Co-author of 'The New Wave: Escape 9-5, Do What You Love & Make an Impact.'

  • 10+ years of Corporate leadership, project management, coaching, and mentorship


  • Diploma of Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Certified Meditation Facilitator and Guide

  • Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher

  • Lean Six Sigma Productivity Green Belt

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Founder, SUBITO Supplements

Growing up, Shaun made sure to tick all the boxes – study hard, do well at school, graduate university, find a partner, get a good job, rise through the ranks. Having run to a conventional script most of his life, he found himself in what those around him deemed a ‘successful’ position – a steadily rising star in a successful company with a bright future.


However, after 8 years in his career, he felt his flame inside being slowly extinguished by the demands and expectations of others, along with the pressures he was placing on himself to meet them.


During a conversation with a close friend and mentor, he realized that he had been kicking his happiness down the road, doing what he thought he ‘should’, always waiting for the ‘the right time’ (which would never come!). So, he decided to leave behind his successful career in the pursuit of an inner desire and calling to live life on his own terms.


Since 2015, he has been on a journey of self-discovery, growth and the pursuit of his potential through the creation of his own businesses, dedication to personal development, and consultancy in different industries.


  • Entrepreneur and Founder of SUBITO Supplements

  • Co-founder of Atlas Collective

  • Independent consultant - product development, process enhancement, sales, marketing

  • Co-host of the Hustle & Flow Podcast

  • Previously Head of Training for one of Australia's No.1 Brands

  • 8 years of Corporate leadership, management, sales, marketing, and project management.


  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Finance)

  • Australian RTO Course Provider, and facilitator

  • Certified Education Support, and facilitator

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